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Windlass Towing Winch

The windlass could be designed with a permutation of multiple gypsies, towing drums, subject to vessel dimensional constraint. With one or two towing drums in the centre and chain lifters on both sides, they ingeniously combine the function of a towing winch and anchor windlass in one piece of deck equipment. Besides the benefical effect on equipment installation costs, this solution saves a considerable amount of space on deck.

In anchoring mode the nominal pull and speed of these winches are limited by the control system, while full capacity is available for towing operations. The anchoring operation (brake and clutch) is manually controlled from deck, while towage operation is controlled from the wheelhouse.

  •  • Drive: Hydraulic or electric
  •  • Configuration: one or double towing drum and two cable lifter
  •  • Chain size: Up to 122mm stud link chain
  •  • Gypsy clutch: Manually operated
  •  • Gypsy brake: Manually operated band brake
  •  • Drum: P.P rope or steel wire rope
  •  • Drum capacity: Depending on client requirement
  •  • Rated pull: Up to 100 tonnes (1st layer)
  •  • Speed: To suit operational requirements
  •  • Brake holding: 250 tonnes (static, 1st layer)
  •  • Drum clutch: Hydraulic operated
  •  • Drum brake: Hydraulic operated
  •  • Control: Local control for windlass & remote control for towing winch
  •  • Type of vessel: Maintenance Work Vessel/Harbor Tug/Terminal 
  •  • Tug/Escort Tug/Anchor Handling Supply Vessel

  •  • With or without warping end
  •  • Hydraulic operated gypsy clutch/brake
  •  • Spooling device for drum
  •  • Stainless steel brake drum
  •  • Emergency release for towing winch
  •  • Remote control for windlass