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Deep Sea Lifting

We offers a complete range of active heave compensated (AHC) subsea winches, in various sizes up to 200T, for subsea deployment up to 3000 meters depth. Our subsea winches have been designed to withstand rough operation in any offshore environment. 

Precise load handling is critical when mating subsea units on the seabed and precision becomes even more critical in rough seas or weather. Our systems is especially designed for load handling controlled from a vessel or rig towards the seabed, as well as towards underwater installations and other fixed targets on the seabed.

Our winches are delivered as stand alone for use on A-frames, drilling towers and other similar and together as winches for use on active heave compensated offshore cranes.

  • • Hydraulic driven
  • • Modular: Provide modular support of the ship
  • • Configuration: Single drum
  • • Drum: Suit for umbilical or steel wire rope
  • • SWL: Up to 200 tonnes
  • • Lifting height: 100-3000 meters
  • • Active heave compensation
  • • Control: Local and/or remote control
  • • Type of vessel: Offshore Service Vessel/Ocean Research Vessel/ Diving Support Vessel