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Mooring Systems

A mooring system describes a set of components:- winches, power packs, wires / ropes, fairleads, anchors and buoys used to confine a barge or vessel to a specific location and to hold it on station within defined limits. This location can be in open water or along side a harbour quay or jetty.

TSL offers a range of mooring systems suitable for various kind of offshore vessels which requires advanced mooring.
Our mooring systems consist of multiple mooring winches and a centralized control system (in addition to the local control on each winch).

Our systems are equipped with wire rope tension and payout length control. The winches can either be in single drum or double drum configuration and are equipped with spooling device to ensure safe spooling of wire/rope onto the drum.
Winch drum is fitted with a hydraulically released, spring loaded, fail-safe band brake. The drum are selectively operated via hydraulic actuated jaw clutch.

The winches are capable of emergency release under a combination of all of the following conditions: Dead ship (by use of accumulators), brake on and hoisting/lowering conditions.

Our mooring systems can be delivered in the following configurations:

4-point mooring, 8-point mooring, 10-point mooring, 12-point mooring, 16-point mooring Water-cooled drag brake controlled tension rope release, improving speed at which mooring line can be deployed.

The winch base plate would be suitably drilled to allow the fitting of the winch to the deck settings by means of your free issue holding down bolts.

  • • Drive: Hydraulic or electric
  • • Configuration: Single or double drum
  • • Drum: suit for steel wire rope
  • • Rated pull: Up to 200 tonnes (1st layer)
  • • Speed: Multiple ranges available
  • • Brake holding: Up to 300 tonnes (static, 1st layer)
  • • Clutch: Hydraulic operated jaw clutch
  • • Brake: Hydraulic operated fail-safe band brake
  • • Safety: Emergency quick release
  • • Control: Remote and local control
  • • Type of vessel: Maintenance Work Vessel/Accommodation Barge /Pipe Laying Barge/Oil Rig
  • • Water cooled drag brakes controlled tension rope release
  • • Tension & rope length and/or speed measurement
  • • Auto tension/tension control
  • • Delivered with complete power pack