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Offshore Crane

TSL is specialized in designing and building offshore crane, which are high quality and cost-effective with the customer’s specific needs. Same to marine crane, our offshore crane series include: straight boom, telescopic boom, knuckle boom and combined boom series. We are consider of providing you an offshore crane that will suit your operational needs, such as flexibility, compactness and safety, while operating comfortably and reliably in different offshore environment.
TSL offshore cranes are based on the same design as cranes for the marine segment. All cranes may be supplied in accordance with the latest NORSOK / 13852 / API 2C/ DNVGL any other class  rules and specific customer requirements. TSL offshore cranes are individually designed to meet the requirements of multiple users and to fulfill almost any task on board platforms, rigs, FPSOs and any offshore vessel.

TSL mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineers are constantly pioneering new technologies, making our offshore cranes a good result as far as stability, reliability, performance, durability and safety are concerned.
Choice about components to be used is among the most reputable suppliers and all of them are based on customer’s request.

TSL offshore cranes are truly heavy-duty cranes, which require just a minimum of maintenance. The crane is of rugged construction designed to take up as little room as possible to provide maximum utilization of available space and keeping building costs at a minimum.