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Straight Boom crane

TSL straight series is fully hydraulic driven. The lifting capacity extends up to 60T with  1200 TM max tilting moment. The advantage of the straight boom crane is simple and rugged structure, high level of safety and reliability, easy to maintenance etc.
TSL straight boom crane is composed of boom structure, slewing column, slewing bearing, pedestal, hoisting winch, slewing drive, luffing cylinder, and power pack, etc.
 Slewing drive:purchasing from famous brand product suit for marine environment or according to customer’s
★ 360° Continuous rotation
Luffing: up to 80º
★ Hoisting winch: Compact design with planetary gear box & hyd motor, easy to install and maintenance
★ Emergency release: manual operate to low down the load stably when crane lost power
★ Cut off switch: limit the hook upwards and downwards position to avoid over hoist & lost wire
 Generally, Winding layer of wire rope is less than 3 layers on the drum, if need more layers, the LEBUS type
     groove will be applied
★ Man riding winch/crane: to make sure safety and reliability, 2 mechanical brake systems are equipped on the
     hoisting winch,safety coefficient of the wire rope is more than 8 or10, the structure strength coefficient is over 4
★ The power pack is usually installed inside the crane, the electric motor would be flexibly coupled to hydraulic
     pump which would be mounted on a fabricated bracket in the slewing column, the power are also provided by
     diesel engine or hydraulic power shear with others

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