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Mooring Winch

TSL offers a wide range of mooring winches. They are suitable for all types of ships in all shapes and designs. Mooring winches and all other are made for work in harsh environmental conditions.

Winches are available with one or more drums and warping heads. The drum is ordinary or split type. Standard option is declutchable mooring drum and warping head mounted fixed on the shaft. Delivery is with or without auto tension control.

The operating mechanism for brakes and clutches are designed for easy and safe manual operation, but may also be remotely operated by hydraulic cylinders. The brakes are easily adjustable. The winch design provides easy access to all points for lubrication and inspections.

  •   •Drive: Hydraulic or electric
  •   • Configuration: Single or multi drum
  •   • Warping end: With or without
  •   • Spooling device: With or without
  •   • Drum: Suit for rope or steel wire rope
  •   • Drum capacity: According to client specification
  •   • Rated pull: 150 tonnes (1st layer)
  •   • Brake holding: 300 tonnes (static, 1st layer)
  •   • Speed: To suit operational requirements
  •   • Clutch: Manually or hydraulically operated
  •   • Brake: Manually or hydraulically operated band            brake
  •   • Control: Local and/or remote control
  •   • Options: Auto tension/tensioning control
  •   • Type of vessel: Maintenance Work Vessel/Tug Boat & Accommodation barge etc.