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Towing Pin

The hydraulic tow pin located at AFT of the shark jaw. It is designed to restrain the side to side movement of chain or wire prior to and while they are captured by the shark jaws during anchor handling operation. It makes the anchor handling operation much easier and safer.

The Towing Pins are designed to withstand line tensions of the rated SWL with 30º of wrap, at 75% height of the two pin.
The two towing pins are fitted with rollers and grease lubricated bronze bearing. They are independently raised and lowered by marine grade hydraulic cylinders having chrome plated stainless steel rods. Two retractable pins with interchangeable rotating liner mounted in a common frame. When both pins are raised, they close completely together at the top. This sample secure locking mechanism makes it impossible for wire or chain to escape and cause damage and accidents. One fabricated box frame to house the above components and to be welded down onto deck by yard.

The pins are remotely controlled by the shark jaw and tow pin remote control panel and HPU. For Local operation, the tow pin can be operated through the integrated hydraulic shark jaw and tow pin pendant controller.

A “Quick Release” accumulator system is fitted to operate the tow pin instantly and this works in conjunction with the “Quick Release” system of shark jaw. When the “Quick Release” system is activated from the control, the two pins completely retract instantly, then the wire lift pin in the shark jaw retracts and both jaws open instantly.

  • • S.W.L: Up to 400 tonnes line tension
  • • Max. chain size: 7’’ (177mm) chain
  • • Max. wire size: 7’’ (178mm) steel wire rope
  • • Quick release system
  • • Flush with deck when not in operation
  • • Remotely controlled operations
  • • Type of vessel: Anchor Handling Supply Vessel/Tug Boat