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Shark Jaw

The hydraulic anchor handling shark jaw is an anchor handling device to secure chain or wire during the shackling and unshackling operation of anchor / buoy on deck of anchor handling vessel. The unit is comprised of two opposing jaws and a wire lifter pin situated in a common frame, which is welded into the deck of the vessel.

The shark jaws mounting frame is watertight and has three drain fittings for connection by the installing shipyard. The mounting frame top and bottom plates are furnished with extra length and width weld bevels to facilitate an easier installation.

The two jaws and wire lifter pin are independently raised and lowered by marine grade hydraulic cylinders having chrome plated stainless steel rods. The chain or wire under tension can be released with the quick release system. When the quick release buttons are pressed, the towing pins, wire lifter and both jaws are lowered in 3 seconds.

The shark jaws are remotely controlled from a drop-in control panel located in the wheelhouse. An additional control pendant is supplied for local operation. The operating system features a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

  • • S.W.L: Up to 750 tonnes line tension
  • • Max. chain size: 7’’ (177mm) chain
  • • Max. wire size: 7’’ (178mm) steel wire rope
  • • Quick release system
  • • Flush with deck when not in operation
  • • Remotely controlled operations
  • • Replaceable jaw inserts for different chain sizes
  • • Type of vessel: Anchor Handling Supply Vessel/Tug Boat