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Hoisting Winch

TSL offers a wide range of hoisting winches. They are suitable for all types of ships in all shapes and designs. The rugged design made by experienced engineers ensures trouble free operation. TSL’s hoisting winches are designed for the extreme conditions onboard vessels. They are also a very necessary consideration for safe working practice in all hoisting applications.

In most cases our standard designs will suffice, however, should a custom design or adaptation be necessary, we would be glad to discuss your needs and possibilities with you so we can arrive at an attractive solution.

    • Drive: Hydraulic/electric or pneumatic
    • Configuration: Single drum
    • Type of drum: Bare drum or grooved drum
    • Drum capacity: Depending on client requirement
    • Rated pull: Up to 50 tonnes (1st layer)
    • Speed: To suit operational requirements
    • Brake holding: Up to 100 tonnes (static, 1st layer)
    • Brake: Disc / band / caliper fail-safe brake
    • Control: Local control
    • Option: Man riding model